Adopt Your New Best Friend.

Adopt your best friend. Adoption is the compassionate and socially responsible option that positively impacts the lives of animals and contributes to the overall benefit of the community.

Steps to Adopting a Braveheart Bulliez Dog

Application Process

Adopting a Braveheart Bulliez Rescue dog requires filling out an Adoption Application. We conduct background checks, reference checks, and veterinary checks (assuming other animals are in the home).

Adoption Application

Approval & Visit

Our team will review your application and conduct a home visit. All of our dogs are strictly indoor companions and part of the families who adopt them.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees:
   $375 for adult dogs (7mos – 7yrs old)
   $475 for puppies 6mos old or younger
   $300 for Senior Dogs (age 8yrs+).

Reduced Adoption Fees are available for Military Personnel, First Responders, and Persons over the age of 68yrs old: $300 for adult dogs, $400 for puppies, and $250 for Senior Dogs.

Adption Success

Provide a loving home and  its forever family.

Bullied, Not Broken

Discover the incredible transformations of our rescue dogs.


From a disheveled past that lead to heart breaking injuries, Chevy has learned to wear his scars with pride! Becoming a Braveheart dog truly saved his life.

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Moments away from euthanasia in a shelter, Sitka became a Braveheart Dog where she got the care she needed to live a fulfilling life.

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