Adopting a Braveheart Bulliez Dog

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Become A Foster

Adoption requires an Adoption Application with background check, veterinary checks (assuming other animals are in the home), reference checks, and a required home visit.

All of our dogs are strictly indoor companions and part of the families who adopt them.

Adoptions are made on a best home basis, with the dog’s best interest at the core. If two approved applications come in for the same dog, our policy is first in time, first in line. If one home is clearly better for a particular dog, we will always move towards the home that is best suited for that dog. Our goal is to match the very best homes for all our dogs.

What are the adoption costs?

Our adoption fee is $475 for puppies 6 months or younger, $375 for adult dogs (7mos – 7yrs old), $300 for Senior Dogs (age 8yrs+).

Our Adoption Fees are reduced for Active or Veteran Military Personnel, First Responders, and Persons over the age of 68yrs old to $400 for puppies, $300 for adult dogs, and $250 for Senior Dogs.

Adoption Fees Cover:

All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, have all shots (age appropriate in the case of puppies), including Bordetella (kennel cough), rabies, and distemper/parvo.  All our dogs have been heartworm-screened and if heartworm positive, have been treated for heartworms, have had a clear fecal exam, are up to date on flea & tick and heartworm preventatives and are microchipped.

We treat ears, eyes, teeth, skin and where a concern exists, orthopedic or other medical issues of which we are aware. The adoption fee covers any other medical treatments the dog may need while in our care. If the dog has a problem and we know about it, we do our very best to fix it. That kind of vet care is expensive.

Given that we rescue a significant number of severely abused and neglected dogs, our vet bills are extremely high to get these dogs the medical care they require before even getting them the basic care they need.

The adoption fee also helps defray the cost of supplies – martingale collars, ID tags, leashes, monthly preventatives, microchips, puppy supplies, and health certificates, as needed.

Adoption fees do not always cover the cost of the dog.

We do not turn down dogs in need simply because of the cost of their care as a matter of rescue ethics. We rescue dogs no other rescue groups save, especially HW+ dogs. A HW+ dog costs an average of $550 to treat, even with our rescue discount. Orthopedic and other surgical issues can run in to the thousands of dollars.

What we do for our dogs is extensive. We aren’t willing to lower our standards, and we are not subsidized by the government.

Every adopter is part of rescue. Adopters take our dogs and “finish” their rescue by making them family members. Without adopters, we could not continue our work. Thank you for adopting and providing dogs a new leash on life!