Become A Foster

Photo by
Helena Lopes

Become A Foster

Fosters are the lifeline of our rescue - the single most important part of our rescue, and literally are the difference between life and death for dogs in need of rescue.  We are 100% foster-based, so we cannot rescue without foster homes.  

As a foster-based organization, we rely on our foster homes to provide the love and care our dogs need until they find their own forever homes.

We just introduced a new Split Shift” Foster program - a co-foster program where two (2) households split the time and responsibility of fostering a dog.  

What is a Foster?

If you have always wanted a dog, but were not sure you could commit to a dog for the long-term, fostering is a great way to enjoy a dog with a shorter-term commitment.   We have dogs in need of foster homes from puppies to seniors.  We pay all approved medical expenses, surgical procedures, plus provide all monthly preventatives (flea/tick and heartworm) for our foster dogs.

We ask that our foster homes love and care for the dog and help us make the dog a well-adjusted family pet, as well as help us decide which adopter is the right one for their dog.

Fosters get first right of refusal on the dog if they fall in love and want to adopt.  We value our foster homes highly and collaborate with them regularly to ensure the dog is doing well.

The process for becoming a Braveheart Bulliez Rescue foster is similar to our adoption process:  there is an application, background check, vet check (if other animals are in the home) and home visit.  

We prefer fosters to be in the metro ATL area, although we do make exceptions, so that your foster dog(s) can attend adoption events and vet appointments at our vet clinics in the metro ATL area.

We really strive to have an approved, committed foster home to be able to take a dog into rescue; however, there are instances where a dog is about to be euthanized or needs immediate rescue due to medical needs where we will take a dog into rescue without a foster.  

Once a foster is approved, we ensure any foster placed in a home that is the right fit for that dog and that family.  We take many factors into consideration, including your other pets, kids, type of home, lifestyle, and activity level. We want to set you both up for success!

Photo by Wade Austin Ellis

What is a Split-Shift Foster?

In our INNOVATIVE Co-Foster Program wecall our “Split-Shift Fosterz” Program, two (2) households / people unite to share the responsibilities of fostering a dog.  

The PRIMARY GOAL is to create nurturing and stable environments for our rescue dogs by distributing the responsibilities among two (2) dedicated people/households.  

This collaborative effort not only eases the burden on a single foster parent, but also allows our rescue dogs to learn to acclimate, be cared for, and feel comfortable and loved in more than one household – a transition they will eventually have to make when they find their forever home and are adopted.

With shared time commitments, co-fosters create a supportive environment, promoting the dogs’ well-being, while allowing both person(s) to enjoy the rewarding experience of providing a temporary home for a dog who desperately deserves a second chance and whose life literally depends on our ability to find foster homes.

How the Split-Shift Fosterz Program Works:

  • Fill out a Foster Application on our website
  • Upon approval, you will begin your journey as a co-foster.
  • Shared Commitment:  We can help pair a co-foster with you, as we match our dogs to home environments that meet their specific requirements/needs.  If you already have another person in mind who wants to co-foster with you, that’s great!   Have that person fill out a FosterApplication and notate that it is a co-foster with you.
  • Rotational Care: One of the key features of the co-foster program is the rotational care schedule.  Each person(s) takes turns being the primary caregiver for a specified duration – this can be for certain days out of a week or 2 weeks out of the month type of rotation.  The time split commitment is determined by the two (2) co-fosters.

Benefits of the Split Shift Fosterz Program:

  • Support System: The Split-Shift Fosterz group serves as a built-in support system.  From sharing training tips to providing emotional support, the team collaborates to address challenges and celebrate successes.
  • Smooth Transitions:  When it's time for a dog to find its forever home, the co-foster team ensures a smooth transition by collectively participating in the adoption process. This collaborative effort continues to play a vital role in the dog's life beyond its time in foster care.

The co-foster program exemplifies and propagates the power of community and a collective effort to save more lives of dogs in need.